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According to specialists, almost 80% of adults experience pain in their spine or live with it on a daily basis. The deep muscles of the spine and stomach muscles lack stability and endurance, therefore this may trigger pain. These muscles are also called central power house. If aforementioned muscles are not being trained, the risk of enduring traumas and pain increases.

The following picture shows some of the most important deep muscles that hold a spine. These are multifidus and transversus abdominis. Spine is a central axis of the body, which is made of vertebrae, spinal discs, muscles and ligaments.

Physical preparation

Core strengthening and conditioning – one of the main elements in training for golf and tennis players. It is important for both amateurs and professionals.

Tiger Woods – one of the first golf players who started core training at the beginning of his career. Tennis players like Roger Federer, Martina Navratilova and other champions put emphasis on how important ,,core strengthening” is, because it definitely has positive influence for sport results.

When central musculature of one’s body is trained, the risk of back injuries is minimized, while coordination, power, balance and neuromuscular function improve. Moreover, joint, spine, pelvic bones become stronger and more stable. This results in more precise, steadier and far distant hits by the players.

We offer individual physical fitness programmes with different types of training and pace. If you wish to achieve the best results, it is important to do exercises most suitable for you, combine and coordinate them together.

Specialized coordination and balance training programmes, improvement of neuromuscular function;

 Back strengthening for horseriders;

Physical training and weight control for actors;

Posture control;

Overweight after childbirth

Performing exercises on unstable surface allows more muscles to get activated. Also, balance, coordination, reflexes, neuromuscular function, body posture improve, your joints become more stable and pelvic muscles become stronger.  According to the research, certain exercises performed on unstable surface can activate deep and external muscles of stomach 35% better than performing exactly the same movements on a stable surface.

Why do some players appear slow, but at a crucial point they move incredibly fast?

 This is defined as a capability to control core muscles in the moment of movement. Strengthening and stabilizing the core is one of the main goals in order to change the direction on a sport ground quickly and impeccably.

 The stronger your core becomes, the more stable and stronger become your joints, spine, and pelvic muscles. This results in a more efficient fighting, agility, less injuries.  Strong and stable core gives power to upper and lower parts of the body.

In order to improve coordination, balance and neuromuscular functions, it is recommended to train on non-stable surface.

General physical preparation;

Improvement of posture;

Purposeful body training depending on a sports type.

When women train deep muscles regularly, they feel stronger after childbirth much quicker and feel pain in the back and suffer from depression less often.

Deep muscle training is recommended in these cases:

Women who are planning pregnancy;

During first months of pregnancy;

Overweight after pregnancy;

Increase of adipose tissue during the pregnancy;

Pain in the back;

Flabby muscles of hands, stomach, thighs;



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